Soviet Motor Rifles Basic Impression – Start here

This is a BASIC guide to soviet kit, please use as a starting point for cold war airsoft games.


M69 He-Be tunic and trousers or KLMK/KZS-1 Oversuit (over anything khaki coloured as it can be seen through the suit). Wear a plan dark coloured or white T-shirt underneath. The red collar tabs and shoulder boards can be seen from a mile away so dont need to be worn.


SSh68 Helmet, Ssh40 Helmet, Pilotka side cap. Keep the pilotka on under the helmet for a more comfortable/realistic experience.


Webbing consists of brown rubberised belt and Y-Straps. The belt carries ammo pouch, grenande pouch, water bottle, e-tool and bayonet. Realistically ammo pouch, water bottle and grenade pouch will look fine. Just an ammo pouch is acceptable.

A canvass gas mask bag can also be worn to carry ammo/bbs/gas/snacks or a gas mask if you really want.


Ideally jack boots but these are hard to find and offer no ankle protection. Any black lace-up books will do the job, or just any boots that dont look too modern (please no trainers).


AK47, AMK, AK74 in all of the local and folding/solid stock varients you can think of. RPK or PK machine gun for support gunners or dragunov for snipers though you should check with the game organiser before turning up with a ‘specialist’ weapon, they are normally limited in game.

Avoid any scopes or silencers for ‘regular’ infantry. Any railed front ends should be burnt or at least covered in scrim…all the scrim.