British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) 1970s Corporal

70s BAOR Corporal Impression70s BAOR Corporal Impression70s BAOR Corporal Impression

MkV Turtle Helmet

In principle the same helmet worn by troops on D Day, but with new new liners and attachment methods. The chin strap is elasticated so this helmet is easy to adjust.

ALWAYS Worn with a fully scrimmed net cover for BAOR, the example shown is also fitted with a 68 pattern hood under my net to further break up the outline.

Beret with cap badge (not shown)

Remember a badly shaped beret often looks more stupid then a teenagers stubble, if your going to wear one, get it right!

This impression is for a Signalman attached to an Inf brigade, so is standard black, but Rifle Green and Navy Blue are also acceptable.

Webbing and Equipment

For a soldier in an infantry platoon belt kit would be as follows (from left to right):

Left Hand Ammo Pouch
Nylon Respirator (Gas Mask) Bag
Kidney Pouches x2
Water Bottle Pouch
Right Hand Ammo Pouch

Clansman 349 Radio

Unlike its later Bowman replacement, the 349 was issued to NCOs only, for section to section communication.

Used with a throat mic and earpiece, this 40 year old radio still works as well as it ever did, despite being very heavy. It uses 12(!!!) AA batteries so is easy enough to power.

NB You will need to check before using any military radio equipment for airsoft purposes as its often not legal use the frequencies they broadcast on.

S6 Respirator

Pattern 68dpm smock

These are a heavy Cotten jacket, which can have an attachable hood.
Sizes come in 7 choices, and can be a little confusing. Size 6 doesn’t not necessarily follow size 5, so make sure you research before hand and check with friends to ensure you get both a good size and fit.

Lightweight Shirt

Although a little modern for the BAOR, the lightweight shirt is a huge improvement over the more correct Shirts KF (Khaki Fatigue) which are horrendously itchy and uncomfortable.

Pattern 68dpm Trousers

A heavy lined pair of trousers that sit high on the waist, over the belly button.
Often worn with suspenders as well as a belt, so the weight of the trousers is transferred to the shoulders not the waist.

As with the jacket, sizes are confusing so research is required before you buy


The WW1 style long puttees (as opposed to the shorter ww2 type) are wrapped around the bottom of the ankle between the boot top and trousers. However they provide very little in the way of water resistance or ankle support.

Boots DMS

The famous boots DMS (Directly Moulded Sole). The examples shown are a modern reproduction, but there is no getting away from the fact that these are a stiff full leather boot with a not very flexible rubber sole.

This venerable design can trace its roots back to the reign of good queen vic, so no, they aren’t comfy, especially waterproof or breathable!


Sterling SMG

NO, it’s not a sten, but I can see why you’d think it was, and a sten is an acceptable stand in!
A recent inclusion to the replica world, the S&T sterling is a decent enough shooter, full steel with correct trades.
For most Cold War games 3 110rnd mid caps is fine, and the fit a treat into the 58 Ammo pouch, with room for a speed loader and ammo!
Genuine slings can be had for £10 or less on a well known auction site.

Technically the Sterling would have been carried by senior NCOs (Sergeants and above) but its totalyl acceptable for airsoft, especially considering the rarity of the SLR.

L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle (SLR)

The venerable SLR was the main battle rifle of the British Army throughout the Cold War. Airsoft versions are available but unfortunately are currently very scarce.

Suggested Additions

Seal Skinz Socks
Not necessary or even correct for BAOR, however these knee length waterproof socks are a must if you plan on wearing the correct combination of trousers, DMS Boots and puttees as they’ll keep your feet reasonably dry and warm.